The Pressure to Spend


Guest blogger: My daughter – Deanna Di Lello

It’s hard to save. (It is!) And not because you don’t make enough money. It’s because you’re under enormous pressure to spend.

Oh, those ads…

They’re everywhere and they’re all telling us the same thing “Buy this and you’ll be happy!” We think we can tune them out, but between subway ads, bill boards, commercials and pop-ups, that message is going to sink in.


Friendly persuasion

Being social usually involves money – going out to dinner, having drinks, seeing a movie… Friends with higher levels of income may also encourage you to buy tickets to sporting events or arts and culture activities which you really can’t afford.


The trouble with Tech

I-phones, I-pads, google glasses… everyone wants to have the next new toy. Keeping up with the latest technologies (when your old one would do just as well) is costly.


The cost of relaxation

“The best things in life are free.” But many companies specializing in leisure would have you believe otherwise. Do you like yoga? You’ll need the right yoga pants. Want to go hiking? Where are your boots?! It seems as though activities that were once fun and free are now super pricey.

Those deals!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day… merchants have us convinced that we’d be suckers not to take advantage of these great deals.


Fear of collapse

Without buyers there can be no sales and without sales, there are no salaries. How often have we heard that spending is “good for the economy.” No wonder it’s hard to save. 

Here are a some tips to keep the pressure off:

  • Acknowledge that you’re under pressure and remember that you still have the power. It’s your CHOICE to spend or to save.
  • Get very specific when it comes to saving goals. Are you looking to get out of debit? Buy a new car? Go on vacation? It’s easier to save when you have an end goal in mind.
  • Tell your friends about your saving goals. They will be more likely to forgive you when you pass on their next outing suggestion.
  • When you go to buy really think about if it’s something you need v. something you want.
  • Try your best to focus on non-material things. Spend some time in nature. Go for walks with your family. Realize that happiness does not need to be bought. Happy saving!



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