4 thoughts on “Money Saving Tip: Use Financial-Planning Apps

  1. Great information here. I was shocked – although I shouldn’t have been – by the percentages of people who would be in financial trouble due to a delayed paycheck or an unexpected expenditure. The math holds true for everyone who wishes to save money – spend less than you earn. Yet I find it interesting how difficult that is for some people.

    Since I live in the U.S., do you believe taxes play a large part in some Canadian’s inability to save or miss a paycheck? My co-worker seems to think so, but I’m not sure.


  2. No doubt that Canadian taxes are much higher than the U.S. and is a big factor in our inability to save money. The list of differences in tax systems is very long. It really bothers me that we pay more for gasoline than you do in the U.S. and we export 99% of our crude oil to you. I paid $4.09 for a U.S. gallon of gas yesterday after converting litres to gallons.


  3. You gave some great tips! I always tell people to live below their means so they can try and save a little.


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