One Year Anniversary of Smart Money


A really big thank you to all my WordPress & email readers for taking some time out of their busy schedules to visit my blog. I am amazed that people from so many different countries have read at least one of my blog posts. It has been a real learning experience since my first blog post of July 20, 2014. I hope that you have found some useful information in my articles to improve your financial knowledge and well-being.

I can’t believe that I am still blogging. I am much better at answering financial questions then trying to write a financial blog post that people may or may not be interested in. To be honest, I struggle every week to write something that I think is worth reading. Being Italian, I often joke that English is my second language. Please accept my apology for any grammatical or spelling errors that you may find.

There are so many bloggers that have inspired me to write during the past year. The list is just too long to mention. The fact that I have posted one of your articles on my website or made a commented on one of your articles is an indication that you are on that list, thanks for the inspiration!

A special thanks to my daughter, who is the writer in our family, for encouraging me to start blogging. However, the book on my life as an entrepreneur that you want me to write isn’t going to happen. I already spend way too much time on my lap top just trying to write 500 words a week.

Thanks again,  I will continue to write as long as you are willing to read!


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