Financial Questions & Answers

I am a retired financial advisor and former small business owner. If you have a question that you want answered in a post or have a suggest for a blog post,  you can either email me at or leave a comment below. No such thing as a stupid question.

Someone asked: How will raising interest rates effect my dividend stocks?

Read the answer in this blog post: How Will Dividend Stocks be Effected by Rising Interest Rates?

Someone asked:

Well my mother in law was asking about warrants.  It seems they had an investment in GM before GM filed for bankruptcy, my guess is they did nothing with it, and now she says GM is sending them warrants regarding their investments in GM.  Not sure if this make sense as a result of the bankruptcy filing or not but it might.  Also I do not know if what they had before was strictly stock or not.”

Read the answer in this blog post: GM Warrants Have a Best Before Date

Question: Something I’ve always wondered and have never been able to understand: Why do prices consistently increase? In other words, why is a house more expensive today than 30 years ago? Why so for a car or food or anything else?

Read the answer: Inflation: Why Do Prices Increase

Question: Hey by the way, what’s up with Apple? 

Read the answer: What’s up with Apple?

Questions: “I’ve seen more than one article regarding baby boomers starting to take mandatory retirement withdraws this year. This is the start of some significant money leaving tax deferred accounts for many years.”

  1. Do you see this significantly affecting asset management companies?
  2. Do you see this money going back into investments or going into daily living expenses and recreational “retirement” stuff?

Read the answer: Two questions from a blogger regarding mandatory retirement withdrawals by boomers

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